Color Land

Objective of game:

Don't become part of King Kandy's Kingdom (KKK).


1. All players start at the Start of the board.
2. All players pick up a card at the same time from the shuffled deck of cards.
3. All players present their cards at the same time. If two or more people have the same color then they can't move for that turn.
4. If you have a unique color for that round, progress to your nearest color tile.
5. First person to reach King Kandy's Kingdom (KKK) loses and is a racist.

Rules & Exceptions:

- If someone has two tiles in their card but it's the same color as someone else's card then the person with the two tiles only progresses one tile and the person with one tile on their card doesn't move at all.
- If someone has two tiles in ther card and someone else has the same two color tiles then neither progress.
- Sweet treats cards teleport you to that treat (forward or back).
- If you land in a licorice tile, you are exluded from the next round of drawing.
- If you land on an occupied space, move to the next space of the same color.

Ages 16+

3-4 Players